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About Us
The MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) aims to provide quality tuition at affordable rates to help students attain better results in their school and national examinations. With highly qualified tutors, students are engaged in a positive and enriching environment during MTS lesson.
MTS Value Proposition
MTS provides tuition in English, Mathematics and Science at over 50 centres for students from Primary 1 to Secondary 5. Classes are conducted on weekends. Every year, more than 6,500 students benefit from MTS.
Desired Outcomes
  • Every student is inspired to learn
  • Every student gains confidence for examinations
  • Every student improves in their examinations
  • Every student looks up to their tutors as role models
  • Every student aspires to do well in school and life

Success Stories

Ahmad Khairi, 18 years old.
He made a 6-grade jump in Mathematics and a 4-grade jump in Science at GCE O levels in 2010. He is currently a school counselor at his junior college.

Haziq Shah, 13 years old.
He scored a B for Mathematics at PSLE after having been failing the subject. He entered the Express stream in his Secondary school.

Nabilah Ithnin, 17 years old.
She scored 8 distinctions for her GCE O levels and was awarded the Self-Help Group, Joint Tuition Award in 2011.


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